Dec 6, 2010

Gibbs book tell all about the intrigues in cricket

Herschelle Gibbs
It is quite revealing and attractive, and grips the imagination with its juicy details. The reader gets a usually unfiltered view of Herschelle Gibbs take on life or rather his "Live life to the max" mantra.

Instead of couching chapter in safe-sounding euphemisms, Gibbs gets directly to the point while giving reader an inside edge into the interesting life of one of the most gifted batsmen of his generation.

Exploits of drinking, drugs and orgies are well-documented and there's also a confirmation of a suspected clique of senior players, understood to be controlling the Proteas team.

There's also the real fact behind media stories, most of which ensured Gibbs never stayed far from controversy.

The messy divorce from ex-wife Tenielle, his run-ins with the authorities, the "Monkey" racial slur, match-fixing scandal, and being dropped from the Proteas team for alcohol abuse are all fleshed out at this time in this potential bestseller. No doubt this book puts an end to any hopes Gibbs might yet have of playing for South Africa again.

Aware of the backlash this book would solicit he nonetheless writes from the heart, chronicling how his go-large-or-go-home attitude frequently landed him in trouble, the bizarre dropped catch in the 1999 World Cup and his stint in rehab.

The attractive part of a 16-year-old Gibbs breaking into the Western Province's A-team and on to the worldwide stage is overshadowed by the juicy detail. How does one skip the "2 beds, 2 cricketers and 3 women" part of the book, for the dilemma Gibbs was faced with when choosing between cricket, rugby and football back at Bishops College?

But there can be no missing some of the most cricketing moments Gibbs has provided over the years.

From his 1999 maiden Test century against New Zealand in Christchurch, the phenomenal 438 win more than the old enemy, Australia, in an ODI at the Wanderers to the record-setting Six sixes at the 2007 World Cup.

This book offers the reader a chance to reassess things one consideration one had known about Gibbs and his Proteas career.

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