Jan 21, 2011

India to promote golf tourism

Kumari Selja
Minister of Culture and HUPA Kumari Selja on Friday said that tourism ministry is making efforts to promote golf as a niche tourism product and also position India, as a preferred golfing destination in the region.

In her inaugural address at a workshop to promote Golf Tourism here, Selja said: "This would not only showcase its beautiful golf courses but also the diverse tourism attractions that we have for any tourist."

"This will enable the government to break the October to March Syndrome that affects India Tourism particularly in the case of foreign tourist arrivals," she added.

She further said India has several golf courses of international standard. Further, golf events held in India also attract domestic and international tourists.

"With international tourists expected to grow in the next few years, it is important that India has the right product to meet the need of the visitors," she added.

She said that according to golf experts 52 per cent of traveling golfers are likely to take two or more golfing holidays in a year and they spend on an average, 33 per cent more on their holidays as compared to regular holiday makers.

"It is stated that 70-78 per cent golfers would be prepared to visit a new golfing destination and this community represents the wealthiest 50 per cent of all golfers," she added.

The objective of this workshop is to evolve a road map for formulating strategies for development and promotion of golf tourism in India.

During this workshop the participants comprising golf clubs, corporate, travel trade representatives, professional golfers, golf event managers, would discuss and propose suggestions which will guide the Ministry of Tourism in its future course of action to position India as a leading golf destination in the region. (ANI)

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