Dec 16, 2011

Cricket must admiration fans: Dravid

Captain Rahul Dravid
Cricket risks killing the goose that lays the fair-haired egg if it disrespect fans by forecast too several worthless worldwide matches, ex India Captain Rahul Dravid has said.

Dravid, the primary Indian to offer the annual Sir Donald Bradman Oration, said the game required to search out a balance between the three formats of the sport and should think about taking part in check matches, the “gold standard” of the sport, at night.“It should level down this mad merry-go-round that groups and players realize themselves in: keeping off for two-test tours and seven-match ODI series with a couple of Twenty20s thrown in,” the 38-year-old said in his speech late on Wednesday.

“Test cricket deserves to be protected; it is what the world best recognizes they're going to be judged by. Where I come back from, nation versus nation is what got people fascinated by cricket within the   first place.

“When I hear the news that a rustic is enjoying without a number of its best players, I perpetually surprise, what do their fans think?“We should actively fight to induce as several (fans) as we can, to form a test match setting that the players and the fans feed off. Something however the sight of tests played on empty grounds.

Fans merit respect

Dravid said that might have an effect on the worth of TV rights.“If that happens, it is laborious to find out rights around cricket being as asked for as they need perpetually been within the last fifteen years. “Everything that has given cricket its power and influence within the world of sports has started from that fan within the stadium,” he added.
Cricket respect fans

“They deserve our respect and allow us to not take them without any consideration. Disrespecting fans is disrespecting the sport.”Dravid said the largest dangers facing the game were spot-fixing and players being tempted to get involved with the betting business. Players ought to be ready to offer up a “little bit of freedom of movement and privacy” to battle those scourges and endure lie detector tests if necessary, he said.

Excerpts from Dravid’s words at the Bradman address

Thank you for inviting me to deliver the Bradman Oration; the respect and therefore the regard that came with the invite to talk tonight, is deeply appreciated.

I realize a really distinguished list of gentlemen have preceded me within the 10 years that the Bradman Oration has been held.  I do know that this Oration is held each year to understand the life and career of Sir Don Bradman, an excellent Australian and an excellent cricketer. I perceive that I am alleged to talk about cricket and problems within the game — and I will.
World of Sports

The individuals of each our countries are usually told that cricket is that the one issue that brings Indians and Australians along. That cricket is our single common denominator.

India’s first test series as a free country was played against Australia in November 1947, 3 months once our independence. it is however, incongruous, that I, an Indian, happen to be the primary cricketer from outside Australia, invited to deliver the Bradman Oration. I don’t say that solely as a result of Sir Don once scored 100 before lunch at Lord’s and my a hundred at Lord’s this year took virtually a whole day.

What we have to do is use the simplest way to confirm that test matches work into twenty-first century life, through timing, environments and the held in. there's a proposal doing the rounds on scrapping the 50-over game fully. I am undecided I trust that —actually recognize that the 50-over game helped us innovate strokes in our batting that we tend to were then able to take into test matches. The future lie in taking part in one-day internationals targeted around ICC events, like the Champions Trophy and the World Cups.

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