May 9, 2012

The World Sports Hotbed Of Stars

LA is a sports hotbed with the likes of stars (from left) Matt Kemp, Kobe Bryant, Jonathan Quick and Blake Griffin

The Great Player with Lakers, Clippers, Kings in playoffs and Dodgers on top of West, no place has it better in sports than Tinseltown.For 2012 years, Los Angeles has been where the downtrodden of the sports world dwell. Yes, the widespread agony went on hiatus when the Lakers held the top occasional parade. But that hardly made up for the rest of it. 

There were the player Los Angeles Dodgers, owned by a parking lot kingpin and his wife. They brought unease, which evolved into dread. Then scandal ensued over a messy divorce and the beating of most a fan by cretins. When they finally left the scene, the collective sigh swept through the L.A. basin like a Santa Ana wind.

But there was more sorrow. The Clippers had long been mirth makers of the negative kind. USC football game was banned from postseason play. UCLA seemed to ban itself from the relevance. The player Angels had underachieved. And the two NHL teams players in the area might as well have been playing on a pond in Moose Jaw for all the attention they received.

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