Oct 12, 2011

World Anti-Doping Agency drops case against FIFA

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The World Anti-Doping Agency dropped its dispute to FIFA's decision not to permit five Mexican footballers who tested positive for clenbuterol.

Mexico suspended five players of their Gold Cup squad Edgar Duenas, Christian Bermudez, Francisco Javier Rodriguez, Antonio Naelson and Guillermo Ochoa after they all failed a test at a pre-Gold Cup training camp in May.

An inquiry by the Mexican Football Association's disciplinary committee found the positive outcome were a consequence of eating impure meat and their choice to hand out no further punishments was backed by FIFA.

WADA dispute the decision, lodging a plea to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, but withdrew their objection after reviewing proof gathered by FIFA.

A WADA report read: WADA has subsequently received convincing evidence from a FIFA study at the U17 World Cup in Mexico that point a serious health problem in Mexico with regards to meat polluted with clenbuterol.

This is a public health matter that is now being addressed immediately by the Mexican Government.

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The government of Mexico which has legislation forbidding the use of steroids with livestock accepts that it has a consequence with infected meat and is actively looking to resolve the problem state by state.

Already several arrests have been made pursuant to these laws and huge amounts of clenbuterol seized. Investigations are to go on.

"WADA acclaim FIFA for the more research it has initiated, while WADA, the Mexican Football Federation and the Mexican Govt have decided to help with the study which will continue as a joint project."

FIFA welcomed WADA's decision in a declaration, which read: "This statement by WADA confirms the initial verdict taken by the Mexican Football Association's disciplinary committee to apparent the players of any wrongdoing, which FIFA entirely agreed with and supported after carefully looking at the case.

FIFA would also like to thank WADA for positively considering the studies and research conducted by FIFA in this issue, including compelling proof from a FIFA study at the U-17 World Cup in Mexico that shows a serious health problem in Mexico with regard to meat contaminated with clenbuterol.

Fifa HQ-headquarters

FIFA is pleased that these studies have served not only to solve this case, but also to help the Mexican authorities in their fight to tackle this public health matter, which is now being desperately addressed by the Mexican government.

FIFA will continue to play a foremost role in this issue and will work together with the various authorities, including WADA, the Mexican Football Association and the Mexican government on this study, which in future will be carry on as a joint project.

WADA added that clenbuterol remains on their list of prohibited substances, and that they would judge further positive tests on a case by case source.

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