Apr 25, 2012

As Suns Shine -Young Jazz Players

The great Kevin O'Connor Rebuilding Master Class gave a free seminar to the entire NBA on Tuesday night. "How to Rebuild and Stay Relevant" is the working title and the Phoenix Suns  provided a telling most contrast to prove his thesis.The results of fleecing trade partners, keeping salaries manageable, mixing affordable veterans with promising young spirit players, maintaining a winning culture and building for the future.

On the vet side, Al Jefferson (18 points, 16 rebounds) returns to the playoffs for the first time since his rookie year in Boston. It was big fitting that he scored eight straight points down the stretch to put the game away and couldn't keep the smile off his face to face  when he was finally taken out of the great game to a standing ovation.
The genius of O'Connor is the fuzzy math surrounding the rest of the roster. I'm confident no one could have guessed that castaways Josh Howard  and Jamaal Tinsley would be playing crucial minutes for a playoff-contending Utah Jazz team. 

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