Apr 25, 2012

The Snooker player Ronnie Rockets Past Tearful

snooker player O'Sullivan

Time was when player Ronnie O'Sullivan just couldn't stay out of the limelight. So far in this year's Betfred.com the World Championship, the Rocket has been obscured by excellent perfection, allegations and emotion. Even Tuesday's smooth passage into the second round with a 10-4 smooth victory over Peter Ebdon was overshadowed by controversy and tears  surrounding his opponent.

 An emotional Snooker player Ebdon, who has adopted a vegan lifestyle based largely on organic bananas and organic dates, broke down after a concluding session in which he was banned by World Snooker game  from wearing a patch on his waistcoat advertising an alternative cancer treatment.

Ebdon's father Michael died from the disease last year and his son's attempt to spread the  message about possible cures had received television viewer complaints on Monday. Emotional: Ebdon lost out to The Rocket 'Obviously I've upset somebody somewhere but personally I think it's too important for people not to know,' said a visibly mind upset Ebdon.


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