Oct 8, 2010

Commonwealth Games – Eight Swimming Finals in Delhi on Friday

"New Zealand" is going to compete in eight swimming finals:

Melissa Ingram broke the record in the Commonwealth Games on her way to the 200m backstroke final.
She finished her heat in a time of 2 minutes 9.43 seconds; she might be the fastest qualifier for the finals.
Penelope Marshall was also for his swimming, but withdrew.
In women freestyle event (400m), "Lauren Boyle" was qualified as fastest one within the time of 4 minutes 10.31 seconds.
The women's freestyle relay team (4x100m) is also through to their final.
Glenn Snyders is going to compete in the 50m breaststroke, after getting qualified for equal fastest along with world record holder South African Cameron van der Burgh.
Daniel Bell is going to start in the 100m backstroke next by qualifying third.Emily Thomas going to swim in the 50m backstroke final.
Those who failed to book in finals, the most attention will be focused on Moss Burmester, bronze medalist in 100m butterfly at the year 2006 Commonwealth Games. He was missed for qualifying in the final.

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